Bratislava International Fellowship - Lead Pastor

Bratislava , Slovakia

May 31, 2018    2 Year Appointment     PAOC Credentials Required


Job Description

Bratislava International Fellowship is an English-speaking church that serves internationals as well as English-speaking Slovaks in Bratislava, Slovakia. BIF is part of the larger ministry of Bratislava City Church, a pentecostal church in the thriving capitol city of Slovakia. The vision of BIF is to be a flourishing community of English speakers who love God, love each other and make a positive difference in Bratislava. The church consists primarily of young adults and young married couples, many of whom are involved in various businesses, technology industries and education. The church has a relaxed, thoughtful and progressive approach. The need is for a full-time Lead Pastor who is willing to create an accepting and welcoming environment, work with existing leaders, build on the current culture and momentum of BIF and look to expand the ministry of the church. The leader must have an understanding of pastoring in a thriving, urban context and be willing to learn about how to reach and pastor in a post-Christian context. Slovakia is a well developed European nation with a democratic government, growing economy and part of the European Union. Responsibilities: - Provide full-time leadership to the church community - Empower, develop and release people into ministry both within the church and outside of the church - Provide wise and relevant teaching and preaching ministry - Work as part of the larger BCC pastoral team as a satellite pastor - Create networks within the city with other English-speaking pastors and leaders - Oversee outreach and social events as planned by the church leadership - Provide training and development for BIF leaders Required Approach: - People-oriented with a strong emphasis on welcoming, accepting and building people for community - Consensus builder who seeks the input and ideas of key leaders and works with them to carry out the ideas and strategy - Learning orientation with a special emphasis on understanding how to translate the gospel in an urban, post-Christian and multi-cultural context - Friendly and relational with an emphasis on creating a space and empowering environment - Willing to serve under the Lead Pastor of Bratislava City Church and be part of the leadership and pastoral team of BCC

Required Skills

- Preaching and teaching preparation and delivery for a highly educated, multi-cultural and technologically advanced congregation - Pastoral counselling and coaching skills focused on helping people move forward in their faith and life - Team development and leadership skills that are focused on releasing high capacity leaders and providing coaching for them - Event planning and managerial skills to help develop, oversee and release people into outreach and other social activities

Education Required

- Degree in pastoral theology, cross-cultural ministry or equivalent (Masters level is not required but preferred for a European context) - Credentials with the Pentecostal Assemblies (or equivalent) and Ordination is preferred but not required - Other professional level education

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Regional Director

Stephen Hertzog