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Aboriginal Bible Academy Regional Coordinator


Jan 3, 2024    Permanent     PAOC Credentials Required


Job Description

The role of Regional Coordinator will serve to advance the ABA missional mandate: “To serve all Indigenous people with the purpose of preparing them for Christian ministry.”

Required Skills

The person filling this role will be of mature Christian character, both having sound biblical knowledge and holding to sound biblical doctrine in life and practice with a heart for ministry, and possessing the following qualifications: 1. Must either hold ministerial credentials or be credential-able with the PAOC. 2. Good communication skills and capable of leading/facilitating group teaching sessions. 3. Software proficiency i.e., word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, database, PowerPoint. 4. Proficiency in writing, grammar, and proofreading. 5. High relational skills, including a particular focus on phone skills. 6. “Self starter” and organizer with natural administrative skills. 7. Willingness and ability to travel as required to fulfill the role responsibilities. 8. Consistency coupled with flexibility; ability to flex to accommodate the ebb and flow with the workload throughout the year. 9. A strong commitment to Christian Faith and service. As an employer, we are a special interest organization that serves people of a specific religious community.

Attached Documents

ABA Regional Coordinator.pdf


Daniel Collado
Mission Canada

Mississauga Ontario
L5N 5Z6

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