Post-Secondary Campus Worker/Chaplain

St. John's NL Canada

June 27, 2017
Full Time Permanent


Job Description

The PAONL is actively seeking a person to fill the role of Campus Worker/ Chaplain of Post-Secondary Institutions. Based in St. John’s, NL, the campus worker/chaplain is continually interested in the spiritual well-being and discipleship growth of students and the development of a missional presence and strategic initiatives on campus, including current pastoral leadership of Mosaic University Chapel. He/she will maintain consistent contact with the students and will strive to find ways to network with students and connect them with other believers and healthy groups, which will help foster their spiritual development. He/she should also strive to connect these students with opportunities to be missional on campus. This is a full-time, permanent (year- round) position with a four-year term, to be reviewed annually. Interested persons should submit a detailed resume, 3 letters of reference, and a personal philosophy of campus ministry.

Required Skills

General: The ability to relate professionally and personally with university students, faculty, administration, denominational chaplains, and para-church groups. The candidate should also have demonstrated skills in:
A. Leadership
B. Administration
C. Communication

Cooperation: The ability to work cooperatively with other chaplains, faculty, students for the common good with respect without compromising doctrinal or ethical standards.

Education Required

Preference is given to candidates with a master’s degree from a recognized university. The minimum requirement for a chaplaincy candidate is a bachelor’s degree or its equivalency. Qualified candidates must be approved by an official sponsoring religious body prior to making application for a chaplaincy position. The completion of courses in counselling is considered an asset.

Experience Required

The candidate must possess ministry credentials with the PAONL or with a transferrable sister-organization.

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Wanda Buckle PAONL St. John's NL
A1B 3T2 Canada

Ministry Type

Young Adult