Lead Pastor

Red Lake ON Canada

May 12, 2017
Full Time Permanent
PAOC Credentials Required


Job Description

• The Pastor is to preach and/or teach in Sunday Morning services. The pastor should also lead a mid week Bible Study.
• The pastor is to work with the Worship Team leader to ensure worship is planned for church services. These services should be well prepared, honouring to the Lord, and in a form that is most suitable for our congregation.
• The pastor is to regularly lead the congregation in the Lord’s Supper or Communion. This should be done once per month. The pastor should also lead in regards to water baptisms. These should be offered at least every year.
• The pastor is to be available and willing to perform weddings and funerals as needed.
• The pastor is responsible, in partnership with the Board, for all administration of the church. This includes office, janitorial, grounds and buildings. This is not to imply that the pastor will do these things: only that he will oversee and delegate them as appropriate with approval from the Board.
• The pastor will be a member of all church committees and boards except where inappropriate (as in Women’s committee, etc).
• The pastor is to maintain contact with all supported church missionaries and missions. The pastor is to see that the congregation is also involved in the lives and ministries of those missionaries and missions.
• The pastor will delegate and oversee the planning of outreach activities in the surrounding area. The pastor will oversee the assimilation of new attendees and work toward creating an inviting environment in the congregation.
• The pastor will participate in and oversee the Christian Education of all ages. This includes Sunday School classes, youth, and adult education. The pastor will delegate many responsibilities to volunteers in the church.
• The pastor will provide short-term counseling as needed. The pastor will be available and responsive to crisis situations. Pastoral care will be provided through the most effective means possible.
• The position requires great flexibility in time schedule. The pastor should be available for evening activities as well as work on the weekends. The pastor is free to take one to two days off each week depending on the needs of the congregation.

Required Skills

• The candidate should have leadership experience and proven ability to work in a multi-generational setting while leading the church to engage the community for growth.
• Organizational skills an asset.
• Self directed and motivated.
• A servant’s heart.

Education Required

• Graduate of a PAOC college.
• Credentialed or seeking credentials.

Experience Required

• Minimal - one year experience.

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Donna Roberts Potter Glad Tidings Board Member Red Lake ON
P0V 2M0 Canada

Ministry Type

Senior Pastor