Director of Operations / Human Resources

Montreal QC Canada

August 30, 2016
Full Time Permanent


Job Description

Facility management (2 properties), maintenance and rental
Church finances
Human resources
Interactions around legal issues, government issues, accounting issues, etc.
Provide management oversight to bookkeeper, office manager, custodian, contractors, and various temporary workers who are hired for rental events, etc. Also oversees volunteers in various areas. Tends to be the "go-to" person when anything goes wrong.

Character: Functions well on a team, loves the church, solid business sense while maintaining kingdom principles, comfortable with the messiness of church life but also well-organized and systematic. High capacity to multi-task. Ability to attract rental income, navigate the uniqueness of Quebec government and culture, and negotiate fair contracts for repairs, etc.

Possibility of a credentialed ministry portfolio within this role as well, depending on fit of applicant.

Required Skills

Familiar with ACS and Excel software.
Ability to manage and oversee multi-fund church budget.
Excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills.

Education Required

Background in business.
If ministry is part of portfolio, theological education is required.

Experience Required

Experience is an asset.
French-speaking is an asset.
PAOC credentials are an asset.

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H3H 1M7 Canada

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