Associate Pastor - Worship/Youth

Mississauga ON, Canada

Apr 27, 2018    Permanent


Job Description

Who WE Are and What WE Want to Be West Edge is a church that is tasked with materializing God’s imagination for the world. We are called to get the message of Jesus out in innovative and creative ways. So we are searching for a person to help build God’s best future for humanity. Our cultural goals are to be a voice of hope, be known for love, and to live by faith in Jesus. Our values are to be a tribe of faith that takes risks, to be known for generosity, people of gratitude, accepting of people, and creative. Who WE Are Looking For WE are looking for someone to create an audacious vision where the young (teens and young adults) are fully integrated into the tribe of WE: serving, learning, and investing in the church along side all people. You will be stepping into a wide-open opportunity. This is a new position and you will be creating an inspired vision with the support of our tribe and leadership. Second, guide God’s people to worship God in spirit and truth. Be a worship leader that is connected to God’s heart and facilitates connecting humanity's heart to God. A singer and musician that is Spirit lead and grounded in the truth of the scriptures. You will have an experienced band behind you to support your leading. What WE Need You To Pursue For Worship: 1. Discipleship: Invite your team into a life that is lead by Jesus. Do this through teaching, challenge, example, and prayer. 2. Leadership: Help develop your team in their musical or A/V craft. Recruiting musicians and A/V team when needed. 3. Organizational – Get song lists out for team. Weekly Practice with team. Collaborate with lead pastor to communicate Christ’s message in innovative and creative ways in services. 4. Sunday goal is to facilitate an opportunity for people to encounter God and to give humanity some hope to go. Your leading in worship is a conduit for that to happen. Also, beyond leading worship during Sunday mornings there are special gatherings, and other events. For Youth/Young Adults: 1. Create a space where the young can come and experience God’s intentions for their life. This is in collaboration with your pastor. 2. A weekly meeting where people can have an opportunity to connect to the heart of God. 3. Communicate your vision and tracking through weekly support meetings with your pastor. 4. Pursue people and create spaces for connection through 1 on 1’s 5. Disciple your team and those you’re pastoring: Invite your team into a life that is lead by Jesus. Do this through teaching, challenge, example, and prayer. Qualifications -Love God and Love others. -Pursue truth. -Competent singer who is musically inclined. Preferably can play guitar or keys. -Passion to create God’s imagination for the world through discipleship. -Someone who is likeable and teachable. Position: Associate Pastor Portfolio: Worship, Youth/Young Adults Hours: Fulltime salaried

Required Skills

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Matthew Douglas
West Edge

Mississauga ON
L5H 1G3

Ministry Type

Associate Pastor