Associate / B-Vocational Pastor

Brantford ON Canada

June 26, 2017
Part Time Permanent
PAOC Credentials Required


Job Description

- Work closely with Bi-Vocational Lead Pastor in Vision-Casting & Vision-Implementation
- Work closely with Lead Pastor in meetings & relations with Pastor’s Council Team
- Work closely with Lead Pastor on Leadership Development strategies for staff/church Leaders
- Share the role of Preaching/Teaching with Lead Pastor & work together in preparing an Annual Sunday Message Series Plan, Practical Applications for Message Series & preparation & execution of weekly messages
- Share the role of planning, executing & leading Sunday services
- Share the role of Caring for, Discipleship & Assimilation of Congregation members, with an emphasis on High School Youth, Young Adults, Young Couples & Parents of Youth
- Share the role of Planning, Organization & Execution of Community Outreach events
- Share the role of Conducting Funerals, Weddings, Communion & Water Baptisms
- Initiate, Develop & Oversee programs for High School Youth & Young Adults
- Initiate & Develop Connections (new & on-going) in the Community for Church Involvement

Required Skills

- Ability to produce, evaluate and facilitate Biblical preaching and teaching with an emphasis on Evangelism, Discipleship & Transformation
- Ability to work within a Ministry Team, share Ministry Tasks, communicate consistently
- An understanding of a healthy work/personal life balance (including other employment)
- The Individual will need to be self-motivated & have appropriate organizational skills
- Ability to work independently, including scheduling and accomplishing tasks in a timely manner
- Have excellent people & social skills
- The ability to work with high school youth, young adults & adults of various ages
- Be able to provide own transportation & housing

Education Required

Applicants should have a Bachelors from an accredited Bible College or a minimum of 4 years of Ministry Experience and at minimum, be currently in the process of acquiring PAOC Credentials. Applicants not meeting exact eligibility will still be considered based on Ministry/Life Experience and post-secondary Religious Education.

Experience Required

- Some Ministry experience
- Youth Ministry experience
(See Education Requirements for more details)

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Al Heath Generations Church Brantford ON
N3T6K5 Canada

Ministry Type

Associate Pastor