Assistant Pastor/Program Coordinator

Chapleau ON, Canada

Apr 27, 2018    2 Year Appointment     PAOC Credentials Required


Job Description

Purpose: to provide employment, environment to develop skills, and to provide wide mentoring and training towards ordination for a recent graduate. - Assist with all of the programs of the church - Take leadership of outreaches within the community: VBS, Youth Connections, Local Food Bank - Plan and participate in yearly mission to Haiti - Help plan and implement Winter Family Outreach - Help plan and present Christmas Banquet and outreach for over 250 people - Assist Lead Pastor with all duties in support of church activities

Required Skills

University/college graduates who have graduated within the last three years from an accredited college or university. Candidates must be graduates of post-secondary degree or diploma programs. Must be legally entitled to work in Canada. This position must provide the candidate with first time employment in their field of study.

Education Required

Candidate must be eligible for PAOC Credentials Must have graduated from a Christian Ministry/Theology diploma or degree program within the past three years. Graduates in other fields may also be considered.


Dan Lee
Chapleau Pentecostal Church

Chapleau ON

Ministry Type

Children, Youth, Young Adult, Teaching, Associate Pastor, Associate Pastor