Interview with Eric Lafleur
Eric Lafleur

Eric, and his wife, Nicole, are church planters in Laval.  In this interview, Eric shares a little about the unique challenges to church planting in Quebec and how their church, Église Generation, is reaching out to their community. 

Tell us a little about your journey to church planting.

From a young age, I knew that one day I would be a lead pastor. Before the church plant, I pastored at Centre Évangélique de Laval (CEL). I started as the Youth Pastor and then became the Associate Pastor. After a time of prayer with my Lead Pastor, Patrick St-Onge, he told me that he felt it was time for me to spread my wings. At that moment, I felt like it was the green light that I had been waiting for. So, after further prayer, we decided to plant a church in Laval, with the help of CEL.

Tells us about your church and its vision.

Our vision is quite simple: Être influencé par Jésus, influencer comme Jésus; Being lead by Jesus, leading like Jesus. We’re a church who likes to build relationship with all generations; where everybody can find their place. We take time to build those relationships. We start our service with coffee and toast at 9:30am and after the service we close church around 1:30pm. It’s not because I preach long! It’s just because we like to smell like sheep!

What’s been the most encouraging thing about starting a new church?

Seeing God at work! Since the beginning, we saw His hand over the church. The beauty of the unity of churches that help us out has been encouraging. In particular, the English church, Laval Christian Assembly (Pastor John Ippolito and Pastor Rudy Moley). We rent their space, since our service is on Saturday mornings. Seeing baptism in the church is always encouraging!

What are some unique church planting challenges that present themselves in Quebec?

Speaking with a French perspective, I think our cultural history with the Catholic church had made it quite unique! A lot of people have lost trust in the church because of all the scandals. The result is that they create their own spirituality. I like to say that they go to the buffet of gods and make their own gods. But at the same time, I truly believe that we are in the best time to see God do His powerful work in Quebec!

How do you navigate these challenges?

We simply try to build bridges with the people around us, so they can see our relationship with God and then desire that relationship for their own life. 

What would you say to encourage church planters all over Canada?

I would use the Nike slogan: JUST DO IT! If you’re called to plant a church, don’t let fear stop you! You may feel that you don’t have the right qualifications, but the reality is that it’s God who qualifies! Take that leap of faith to do church the way God is calling you to. Don’t try to do it like the big churches and don’t compare! Just do what God has called you to do, because He has the strategic plan for your life and the life of the church! This is the best plan that you can have. So, JUST DO IT!

How can we pray for you, your church and Quebec?

For my family, the church and Quebec, I would simply ask for the renewal of mind, wisdom, fresh revelation, courage, finance and the opening of the eyes of the heart. Pray that God would send more planters to Quebec!