5.5 Questions with Greg Laing

Greg Laing is a Western Canada leader for the C2C church planting network under the umbrella of Mennonite Brethren missions. He works on behalf of C2C to help our PAOC planters and churches see church multiplication efforts come to fruition through C2C processes and partnerships. We are grateful he also finds the time to sit on the Multiply Network lead team!

How did you get connected with C2C? What’s your role?

The Lord gave our local church (Point Grey Community Church, Vancouver, planted by Robb Powell) a vision for multiplication which, in time, led to an invitation to help our District (BCYD) re-envision planting as a key priority. The Lord was likewise stirring up other denominations and we began working together in collaboration. This was prior to the establishment of C2C Network. It was through these working relationships that I met Gord Fleming, who became the founding National Director of C2C. In 2013, he invited me to become a C2C Regional Director. Part of my current role is to connect PAOC Districts to C2C resources (assessment, coaching, training, etc.) that are present in many cities across Canada, from Halifax to Victoria. In essence, my role is to do whatever we can to help PAOC church multiplication efforts thrive.


What most excites you about the vision behind C2C?

First, the name is inspiring as it is taken from Psalm 72:8 “He shall have dominion from sea to sea…” The story of the founding of the Dominion of Canada includes this biblical declaration. People may not know, but this verse is boldly inscribed above one entrance to the Peace Tower in Ottawa. The values of C2C (Gospel-centered, mission-focused and Spirit-led) are so compelling. I am continually inspired by the faith, generosity and Kingdom-minded ways that C2C exhibits. The point isn’t so much about church planting – the main motivation is to bring the gospel to the vast majority of Canadians who are lost without Christ.


In your mind, what’s the difference between a network and a denomination?

This may be overly simplistic, but I see a denomination as family of churches with a shared story (to some degree both historical and theological), which provides the primary long-term relationship for belonging, sustaining and accountability (including ministry credentials). C2C Network does not plant C2C churches: we help denominations multiply their efforts.


What kinds of things have you learned working inter-denominationally?

C2C presently partners at some level with more than thirty evangelical denominations. I have learned that each family has God-given gifting for ministry that, when used collaboratively, can substantially increase the impact for transformation. 


What would you like to say to PAOC multipliers?

I would like to cheer on Lead Pastors, Elders and Boards who are courageous enough to release and send those (often the prized younger, gifted) leaders who are called to boldly advance new ministry expressions for lost people. We need more “senders” to see movement gain traction. I would say to anyone unsure about urban church planting: the gospel works plenty fine in our cities today. I would say to anyone: we need more empowering of the Spirit; let’s humble ourselves more, love our neighbours better and take seriously the urgency of the lostness of the lost.