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Episode #36 - Intercultural Ministry and Multiplication - with Harold Gutierrez

In this episode, we talk with Harold Gutierrez who is the intercultural director with the PAOC British Columbia and Yukon District. He talks with us in this interview about how to best develop, support and learn from our cultural language group churches and leaders. To listen or download, click on one of the links below and select Episode 36.

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Missional Mishaps in Contextualixation

Terms like "unchurched" and "unreached" are softer labels than "broken", but they mask the same kinds of mispercetions. Only after Jesus drew close to people did he speak into their lives or address their needs.

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A Different Harvest

Harvesting requires intentional investment with those who, often on the surface, have no interest in the good news of Jesus, or at least in the cultural assumptions they have about Him and His church.

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