Multiply Network Episode #25 - Balance, Boundaries and Discipleship

In this episode, we talk with Mike Miller a church planter and co-lead pastor of Nova Church in Halifax. Mike, along with his wife Nance, lead this thriving church plant and just celebrated their church's two-year anniversary. Listen in to hear what Mike has learned through two years of planting and two decades of leadership. To listen or download, click on one of the links below and select Episode 25.

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Moving Our Congregations to More Effective Evangelism

Too often, people view the connection between discipleship and evangelism in one of two ways: either they inseparably lump them into one category, or one gets relegated to the wastelands of our faith life. If we are honest, usually evangelism gets the short end of the stick. The truth is, discipleship must include evangelism. Being a disciple of Christ means doing the work of evangelism.

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The Metrics of Mission: How to Count What Counts

Numbers can be deceptive. Everyone knows that. Bigger doesn’t equal better. Often, it is much worse. Strength is no indicator of spiritual significance. In fact, weakness is the biblical meta-narrative. More is not always the means to mission. Often, it becomes the very appeal to maintaining mediocrity.......So, our numbers – the metrics that we frequently count – can be missionally deceptive.

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The Most Strategic People Group in the World Today

As the western world becomes increasingly post-Christian, every church and network needs a comprehensive strategy on how to make disciples of the next generation. This strategy must include planting churches with and among college students. It’s my contention that college students can not only be viewed as a distinct people group, but that they are the most strategic people group in the world today.

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