General Conference 2020 Church Multiplication Plenary Speaker Mike Miller

With the cancellation of our in-person PAOC General Conference, we still felt that we needed to hear from Mike Miller, who was going to be the speaker at the Church Multiplication Plenary Session. Mike was gracious enough to record his talk for us so we could have it available here. We know it will be an encouraging word for you as a leader and for us as a fellowship!

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                 Travis and Jess Blackmore

Episode #38 - Expert Drummer to Executive Director, as well as Church Planter? - Interview with Travis Blackmore

In this episode, we talk with Travis Blackmore, who is the Executive Director of Lionhearts, a charity that helped distribute 2.3 million dollars worth of food last year, and has already served over 20,000 meals since early March in the Kingston, Ontario area. Travis oversees this charity and the great work they are doing, and is also looking to plant a church in Ottawa this September. In this interview, we talk about how Lionhearts started, how Oxygen church can work together with this charity, and what a potential digital launch of a church could look like. Lots to cover in the interview - We know you will love this story! To listen or download, click on one of the links below and select Episode 38.

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Stories and Videos

Moving from Community Focus to Community Engagement; An interview with Jim Molloy, Chad Nickerson, and Dave Sawler

Multiply Network Lead Team Member Jim Molloy, from the Maritimes District Office, interviews pastors and practioners Dave Sawler from Glace Bay, N.S., and Chad Nickerson from Saint John, N.B. They talk about real, practical steps for how we can help our communities navigate this pandemic season and also into the future. They discuss the importance of developing community partnerships, being consistent in your help to your local community, and how to make sure these new community engagements stay with our churches moving into the future.

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Interested in church planting? Whether you’re just thinking about it, or you’re ready to move forward, this is your next step. Check out iwanttoplantachurch.cawhere we help take the guesswork out of church multiplication.

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Articles and Blogs

Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 on the Church in America

In the days, months, and years after COVID-19, when America (and much of the world) will be rebuilding, the church has an opportunity to give a glimpse of the kingdom of God that was inaugurated at Jesus’ first coming and will be consummated at his return. The glimpse of the King and his kingdom is more than just spiritual reconciliation with God.

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The Mental & Emotional Health of Pastors and Their Congregants Amid COVID-19

In this unprecedented time full of disruptions and uncertainty, Barna has continued to check in on pastors and church leaders across the U.S. In this article, we’ll look at the findings from this week’s national pastor panel data, featured on the latest ChurchPulse Weekly episode, to see what pastors have to say about their own mental and emotional well-being, as well as that of their congregants.

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6 Ways to Shepherd When You Can't See the Sheep

In the wake of our pandemic, many godly shepherds are now faced with the daunting challenge of shepherding from a distance. We can’t be with the sheep, at least not in the ways that were once understood. So, what’s a shepherd to do now that proximity with the sheep is impossible?

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