"Things We're Learning" Series - with Dr. Stephanie Borsato

In the latest instalment of the "Things We're Learning" series, we catch up Dr. Stephanie Borsato from Clare, Nova Scotia. Dr. Borsato works three days a week as a frontline worker in the local hospital and is planting Église du Phare church with her husband Mario the rest of the week. Stephanie has a unique perspective from a co-vocational planting lens as she is engaging with the community every day. Check it out!

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Episode #51 - Urban Mission & Planting - with Steve Pike       (In Collaboration with Sidewalk Skyline Podcast)

Steve Pike has been at the forefront of church planting for thirty years. He served as founding director of Church Multiplication Network (CMN) for the Assemblies of God (USA) denomination. Seeing a need for more church plants in cities, he founded Urban Islands Project, which exists to “increase the presence of the Church in the Urban O.”  We’ll ask Steve to tell us about the Urban O. He’s also released a book entitled ‘Next Wave: Discovering the 21st Century Church’.

Grateful to have a few friends hosting together in this episode: Brian Egert is the director of PAOC's Mission Canada, which focuses on reaching the gaps in Canada with the Gospel; Kevin Rogers leads the Urban Ministry Guiding Group for Mission Canada, pastors a church in Windsor, which is focused on those in the community with the greatest needs, and is the primary host of the Sidewalk Skyline Podcast.

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Stories and Videos

Dave Wells and the Reimagine Cohort

Recently, our Multiply Network Reimagine Cohort was joined by PAOC General Superintendent Dave Wells. In this excerpt of the recording, Dave talks about what it could look like to reimagine a fellowship or denomination. He emphasizes realignment to the main things, contextualization and willingness to adapt to our changing culture. Check it out!

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"Things We're Learning" series - with Ejay Tupe

In this next instalment of the "Things We're Learning" video series, we chat with Ejay Tupe, a Mission Canada worker who lives and works in the downtown core of Toronto. In this interview, we chat about three areas he is seeing fruitfulness in ministry, and he encourages us to engage these three things as well!

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Stadia Church Planting 2021 First Quarter Highlights

In this article, Stadia Church Planting shares some highlights from the first few months of 2021. Q1 of 2021 was a whirlwind, but as we head into Q2 we are inspired and motivated by the church leaders we are honored to work alongside in our shared mission of starting churches for the next generation!

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When Culture Tilts Away from your Church

Thinking differently can be difficult. Our ruts testify to our staggering preferences for the familiar. Even if they slow us down to a creeping clamber, they’re ‘our ruts,’ and we prefer what we know. But at some point, in our crawl, some of us look up and around and ask, “Is this familiar path that I’m traveling taking me where I need to go?” Certainly, nobody should be asking this question more earnestly and more honestly than those who lead God’s people.

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