Living on Mission Outside of Church Work as a Pastor - Interview with Adam Browett

Are we full-time pastors and part-time followers? In this interview with Adam, we talk about what living on mission looks like when we are off the clock. Are we still looking for opportunities to share Christ wherever we are? Do we know and care about our neighbours? Do we live a life of evangelism that we want our church members to emulate? Adam shares from his experience and also gives us some ideas on how to grow a burden in our heart for all those around us far from God.

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Episode #43 - The Next Four Years - Interview with David Wells, PAOC General Superintendent

In this episode, we chat with Dave Wells about what he'd like to see in his next term as General Superintendent. He lays out a vision that focuses on engaging younger leaders, while increasing the urgency of focusing on discipleship. He shares about the PAOC's need for agility and the importance of being willing to make the right changes for the future. As always, you hear his heart for people far from God and how he daily lives that out. Stay right to the end - so much rich wisdom and insight is shared all the way through! Check it out in Episode 43.

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Disciple-Making Movements with Dr. Jeremy Feller

In this video interview, we chat with Dr. Feller about the incredible fruitfulness happening in Ethiopia through Disciple-Making Movements. In recent months, they have received reports of well over 300,000 people coming to faith in Jesus Christ! Take some time to listen to the whole interview to hear how they are seeing such fruitfulness and how we can apply some of those ideas, principles, or methods here in Canada!

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Evangelism: Reconsidering Our Approach in a Pandemic

Many churches have found effective and creative ways to be on mission and to engage in evangelism during the coronavirus crisis. At the same time, some evangelism approaches have been affected just like church life (and, let's face it, all of life) has been disrupted.

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What Should We Be Measuring in Ministry

There is a fairly strong agreement that we are measuring the wrong things in ministry – primarily income, attendance, salvation, and baptisms. However, when the conversation naturally moves to suggesting solutions, few are offered.

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10 Leadership Qualities of the Post-COVID-19 Church

We are almost six months into a world changing pandemic, and it’s now clear that many things that are changing will remain changed. So, we have a choice. We can either lament the losses that we’ve encountered, or we can navigate forward, by faith, into a new chapter of our God-given mission.

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