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Episode #35 - Pioneering New Ministry to the Margins of the Next Generation - with Andrew Hansen

In this episode, we talk with Andrew Hansen, who is the Executive Director of a new ministry called Youth Rise in Edmonton, AB. We chat about the importance of reaching, caring for, and supporting high-risk youth, and what roles churches should play in ministry to the margins of the next generation. Andrew shares about some of the high-risk indicators for these students and what can be done to help. To listen or download, click on one of the links below and select Episode 35.

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Prayer, Power, and Planting - 'Take-5' with Ben Narayanan

In this episode, we talk Ben Narayanan from Avant Life Church in North Vancouver about the priority of prayer in the life of the church. With all the things you need to make a church plant go and grow, we cannot underestimate the power of prayer and the place it should take in our plans.

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Multisite Alignment - 'Take-5' with Mark Colwell

In this episode, we talk with Mark Colwell, who is the campus pastor of Christian Life Assembly in Maple Ridge, B.C. We chat about the importance of bringing alignment of the vision and values of the main campus to the Maple Ridge campus while still contextualizing ministry to the needs of the community they are serving in.

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Innovating Our Missiology for North America

There are a handful of crucial issues that are and will continue to affect mission and ecclesiology in North America with increasing measure, perhaps forcing even greater innovation in missiology and mission strategy than what we have seen since the Church Growth movement.

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Unleashing the Gift of Evangelism in 2020

One thing is for sure: evangelism is not going anywhere, and more than ever, we need to reengage in conversation and dialogue around evangelism. Perhaps more than this, we need to embrace and unleash the power and gift of evangelism in our post-everything world.

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Why the “Nothing in Particulars” May Be the Most Gospel-Ready Audience

The “Rise of the Nones” captured widespread attention by Christian leaders in recent years. While it was once difficult to quantify the “nominal” Christian dynamic of religious preference in North America, the radical proportion increase of those claiming no religion put these realities front and center in the minds of evangelicals.

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