Episode #30 - The Church and the Future of the Church with Gen Z Leaders

In this podcast, we chat with Addison Martin, Bethany Crews and Ewen Erickson on how they see the church now and in the future. These three are all currently attending Vanguard College, and we caught up with them at their First-Year Activate Retreat. They have some great takes and perspectives that we think you will enjoy! To listen or download, click on one of the links below and select Episode 30.

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Modes of Mission: A Missional Practice

There is one more missional mode that is enacted when the Church embraces the totality of God’s mission—and that mode is “multiplication.” Multiplication is used by God to advance his mission throughout the world.

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Funding Future Facilities

Today’s economy requires churches to have specific funds set aside for ministry and facilities. For a church plant, the start-up phase requires support from outside groups and it requires the planter to be a good steward of the limited funds available. From the beginning of your church plant, I encourage planters and their leaders to set aside funds for future facilities.

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