Timothy FuNd

Timothy Fund Scholarships have been offered by the PAOC since 2009 as a way to offset the tuition costs of students in partner Bible Colleges worldwide. Over 995 Timothy Funds have been awarded to students attending 30 Bible Colleges in more than 24 countries. Many have been equipped to plant churches, care for communities, equip other leaders and reach across boundaries with the gospel.

Would you consider supporting a Bible College student overseas for a Timothy Fund Scholarship of $600, or $50 per month for one year? 

Paul Fund

As part of GlobalEd’s mandate to assist global educators to develop and equip ministry leaders for the growing Church, the PAUL Fund assists up to ten national educators per year to improve their educational foundation. The tuition assistance of $1,000 per year allows these national leaders to equip and multiply the growing Church by assisting those who teach their pastors and leaders.


Through the ZOE Network, an initiative of PAOC in partnership with ZOE Projects, we offer scholarships to female students who would otherwise not be able to complete a theological education. Women face even greater challenges to accessing education then their male counterparts. We offer scholarships to high capacity women who are gifted and called into vocational ministry.