“We found out that a particular group of people have been trying to cause issues for us, particularly with immigration. Basically, they're trying to expose us as missionaries.”

Please pray for the safety and protection of these global workers, and that God will intervene to allow them to continue serving the people of this particular country. Pray also that God will work in the hearts and minds of everyone involved, so that the workers continue to have favour and freedom to serve. Pray that God will continue to guide and bless their ministry.



Ilya & Janet Bantseev


“This past week, a very negative report about our church was shared on TV, in newspapers and via the Internet. This is not the first time this has happened, and it was again filled with lies. The report was given by the Russian Orthodox Church, specifically targeting our work in orphanages and schools. They said that we're trying to influence children with our teaching by using hypnosis and drugs. This is the first time they have actually mentioned the names of the directors of four orphanages and two schools, accusing them of working with our church and calling for measures to be taken. They also mentioned by name the mayor's assistant who has also helped us.”

Please pray that God will grant wisdom to these workers on how to respond to these accusations. Pray that the truth will be revealed quickly and that their ministry will be vindicated. Pray that the doors of ministry to these precious children would not close and that the church will instead be strengthened. Pray that the directors and mayor's assistant would not lose their jobs due to this controversy.




Please pray for all of the people in southwest China. The region was struck by a magnitude 6.1 earthquake on Sunday that killed at least 589 people and injured more than 2,400. The earthquake struck an area with steep hills and narrow roads which are hindering the rescue efforts. Landslides and heavy rain have also complicated the search for more survivors. Pray that everyone’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs would be met, and that there will be opportunities for the gospel to spread. Pray for God’s comfort for all of those people affected, especially families and friends of those who were killed. Pray also that aid supplies will quickly get to where they are needed most and that God will guide the ongoing rescue and recovery operations.