Today, 3.1 billion people have not heard the good news of Jesus. The immensity of this number is so daunting it can become impersonal—in the same way that a snowflake, a unique and intricate work of art, becomes lost in a blizzard. The complex crystals disappear into the swirling storm.


For God, 3.1 billion remains a deeply personal number. It represents people He desperately loves. He knows the intricate story of each life, and the beauty and potential of each of their days. In every person, He sees a unique expression of His image. The Father cares for them, just as He cares for you.


Jesus tells us about Himself in a story about a good shepherd who leaves his flock to find the one sheep who has wandered off. If you want to know what God is doing in the world, understand His heart for the “one.” Then consider the billions. How His heart must ache for His children.


An amazing thing happened just over 100 years ago among Canadian believers. The Holy Spirit descended upon them, got ahold of their lives, shook the scales off their eyes and sent them to the nations. With Jesus’ commission to “go into all the world and make disciples” as their call, they went. This is your story too.


Over 3,000 Canadian Pentecostals have gone, and hundreds of thousands more have given and prayed. The results are miraculous. Over 12 million people have come to know their Creator through the Canadians who have gone and the partnerships they have made. Right now, 334 PAOC global workers are faithfully living out this calling overseas, and still, there is more for this generation to do. More cause to leave the safety of our daily routines, to give generously, to pray unceasingly, and to go.


Perhaps you know the call we are talking about—the voice of the Spirit calling you to the nations. If that is you, we have a team ready to work with you as you begin the journey of obedience to that call. A first step is contacting us at 


Maybe it’s not a call to go, but you sense an urgency to give. Together, with churches and individuals across Canada, we are raising a sending fund to assist new global workers with the one-time costs they incur when they first deploy. These costs are a real barrier, but with your help, they can overcome it.


Will you consider giving a meaningful gift towards this cause? Let’s partner with the Good Shepherd to seek the 3.1 billion who are so desperately loved.


Together in mission,


Murray Cornelius

Executive Director for PAOC International Missions