Over the past couple years, I’ve been working as the Short Term Mission Director for Mission: Europe and have seen lives transformed by so many who have gone on one of our teams.

In another part of my world, I work with a group of young people and have been walking with them on their journey with God, discipling them, developing them, crying and laughing with them, and helping them to grow up as young strong Christians in a culture that tells them to live for themselves.

I know firsthand the impact of short term missions; it’s a huge reason I am where I am today serving as a full time global worker. I decided to fuse my two worlds of mission and youth ministry to give the same opportunity to our young people to take that next big step in their faith walk and simply say “yes” to call of missions to serve the poor and needy instead of themselves.

This group is the result of the ask and you are looking at future world changers simply because they heard the call and stepped out in faith.

(K​irsten Arding, global worker in the United Kingdom. Mission is... Needed in Europe)

Mission is... Spreading the Word of God! Teaching, developing leaders

Mission is...Influencing others, stepping out [of] your comfort zone!

Mission is...Showing the Love of Christ in your world

Mission is...Essential

Mission is...To complete a set task

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the youth as they prepare for their missions trip that the team will be unified
  • Pray for me as I give leadership to the youth
  • Pray that hearts will be opened and lives will be impacted with the love of Jesus

-Kirsten Arding, global worker in the United Kingdom

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