Siberia has been covered with snow for a month already now. The word on the street is that it’s going to be a cold winter, but we believe our hearts will be burning for Jesus regardless!

It’s been quite a while since we last wrote an update so we want to share both about ministry and personal life.



Dima, Alyona and Alosha are great kids God gave us. We are blessed and privileged to be their parents. More and more we begin to understand our God who has adopted us, and His love and patience. The last three months haven’t been easy, experiencing such a big transition of having three teenagers in the house. As a family, we are learning about acceptance, unconditional love, patience, sacrifice and self-control. On the other side we are seeing the kids’ hearts melt and open up, emerging into our family, learning how to apply themselves at school and discovering their strong sides. Dima (15) is in grade 8, and wants to be an animator and children’s pastor. He goes to an art school and kick-boxing. Alyona, (13) is in grade 7, she is quite musical and learning how to play piano. Alosha (12) is in grade 6, is very athletic and goes to a martial arts class.


Building Project




We thank God for all of you who have been participating financially and prayerfully in the building project. We were able to complete first floor with ceiling. Due to lack of finances and the cold season, we have decided to put the project on hold until the spring. Over the next few months, we as a church will be collecting money to continue the project.



We really thank God for the people who make up our small church family. They are getting more and more involved in personal evangelism. We held one seminar on this topic in September and are having the next one this month with guests from Mongolia. A second home group is opening this week and we are hoping to open a third one in January.

We also thank God for Alexander, one of our church member’s uncles who decided to change his life and has committed to a rehab center for alcoholics. He is middle-aged but an orphan and homeless. Please pray for his recovery.


Upcoming events

Christmas is coming, and it is a great season for reaching out. With cooperation from our local government, we are planning to distribute winter clothes and gifts to families in need. Also we are preparing for two evangelistic Christmas concerts in the city and in a village and kids programs. We are praying for God’s anointing and provision, as well as for people’s hearts to be open to the Gospel!

Once again thank you very much for ministering with us in Altai. We are blessed to have you as our partners. May God bless you and fulfill all your needs.


With love,

Alexey, Tonia, Dima, Alyona, Alosha (and Rocky!)