Three siblings CCP Brazil


Meet Andreia, Ademar, and Ademiro, three siblings who were brought to the Home of the Good Shepherd, a vocational and residential school, after being abandoned and neglected by their mother and abused by their father. The three children were removed by Child and Family Services after they experienced horrific abuse at the hands of their family. 

At age 15, prior to coming to the Home of the Good Shepherd, Andreia became pregnant and had to learn the challenges of motherhood at a young age. These children came to the home with much hardship and hurts, but the Lord has worked tremendously in their lives to turn things around! 

Ademar lived at the home for four years and has since graduated and is now serving in the military. He is serving the Lord in his new life and was baptized last year! 

Andreia too has been thriving in the loving Godly environment at the home, and is attending high school and doing esthetics training. She is one of the first students to be introduced to the new Integration Program, where she is learning to be self-sufficient and to properly care for her three-year old daughter Evillin. 

The youngest of the three children, Ademiro, is still living at the home and is going to school full-time. He was also baptized, and continues to work hard and strive for the things of God. 

Thanks to ChildCARE Plus sponsors, these children are able to experience the transformative power of God’s love. Through ChildCARE Plus, ERDO has assisted the “Home of the Good Shepherd” for many years.

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