Dream On

Dream On

April 25 - Making the Bible Come Alive: JOSEPH (THE DREAMER)

As a young man, God spoke to Joseph in a dream. Even today, God still uses dreams to speak to people. God will use a variety of methods to communicate with His children. He uses dreams when trying to get the attention of someone who may be far from Him.

JosephEven as described in the Bible, the messages God brings to people will be unique and special, directed to their situation and circumstances, or to what He may have ahead for them. Sometimes the message may be for the person having the dream in the case of the Bible story of the baker and the cupbearer. Or sometimes the dream is intended for someone else, as in the case with Pharaoh and the land of Egypt. Throughout Scripture God gave dreams and visions to younger and older people. Age was never a determining factor as to whether God would choose to speak or not.

Gather your children, grab your Bibles and check out some of these instances. You can find them in Joel 2:28; Proverbs 29:18; Job 33:15; Acts 2:17; Daniel 1:17; Matthew 1:20.

The Biblical story of Joseph the Dreamer assures us that God will never leave us. Joseph knew what that was all about when at the age of 17 his brothers sold him to a band of strangers who took him to Egypt. That would be enough to rock anyone’s world! But Joseph was confident that God would always be with him. He knew that God would make ALL things work together for good – just as described in Romans 8:28.

Even though he felt alone, isolated and abandoned, Joseph knew that the God of Abraham, Isaac and his father, Jacob, was a faithful God. Even though he suffered, he probably knew deep down that this God that he served was at work, doing things behind the scenes and that He would bring ALL the details together at just the right time!

There are many life lessons tucked into the story of Joseph that are important for today’s generation to grasp and hold to. Joseph was spiritually sensitive and known for his personal integrity. Even Pharaoh asked, “Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?” (Genesis 41:38)

God is always working out the details of our lives when we place our total and complete trust in Him. Consider the words of a song that is being sung by many believers these days…

Even when I can't see it, You're working.

Even when I can't feel it, You're working.
You never stop, You never stop working.

You never stop, You never stop working.
Waymaker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the darkness,

My God, that is who You are!

Let the words of this song fill your home with praise in these days. Gather your children together and study the life of Joseph. For helpful resources, including videos, a Bible lesson, a prayer time and more, visit https://makingthebiblecomealive.com/en-p-joseph-ot/