MAK: It's About His Mission!

MAK: It's About His Mission!

Welcome to the Summer 2019 edition of MAK! Remember those pink and blue MAK eggs? I do! Those eggs were famous. In fact, from time to time, I still get calls and emails asking if they are available. Those eggs helped champion many boys and girls to do something radical; to give to missions. And, out of that giving, Canadian children over the decades have been engaged in learning how to connect with what God is doing around the world through the ministry of our very own Pentecostal Mission Canada and Global Workers.

Times have progressed, but one thing has not changed: MAK still exists! MAK at its core, exists to help engage the next generation of children into the mission call of God, His heartbeat is for the lost who have yet to hear the good news that Jesus loves them. Whether it's in our neighbourhood, our schools, our community or around the world, one thing is certain; we have a mandate to share the hope that we have.

This past spring, I had such a special privilege. I was invited to share for a few moments in a meeting of national Children’s Ministry leaders from across Canada about MAK and our 4-14 initiative. What started as an information sharing opportunity, led to a rather incredible Holy Spirit moment. I love those moments! As I reflect on it, I am moved with a profound sense of awe and gratitude. Every leader in that room shared their heart for children, their heart for reaching families and communities for Jesus. Tears flowed, passions deepened, a rich sense of community was felt. The love for each other and our shared vision was infectious and powerful — what an incredible communion. Nearly an hour later as I walked away from that room, wiping the tears from my eyes, it solidified in me yet again the answer to the call of why I do what I do and why I love what I do. MAK: it's about His mission and He needs each of us to take part in it!

MAK is still a vital expression of the church’s missional focus. All across Canada there is evidence that engaging the next generation in God’s mission continues to be a priority and passion. I saw it in the hearts of those leaders that day. I hear it in the lives of Canadian children as they share their stories in how they witness to their friends, raise funds for missions through garage sales, lemonade stands and other creative outlets. I witness it with every church both big and small that faithfully sends their MAK offerings, and share that they pray over the pages of our quarterly MAK issues where our global worker and partner stories are featured.

MAK still exists because we are a missions-minded people. We know that God can use every one of us, both young and old alike, to propel the gospel into every unreached corner of our world. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support for our global workers and their families and thank you for your investment with ERDO and Mission Canada projects. What a great privilege it is for us as His church to take part in Kingdom mission. What a great privilege it is to serve alongside one another! MAK could not do what it does without you so thank you for praying, giving and connecting!

Working together in His call and for His Kingdom,

Jodey Hutchings

JodeyJodey Hutchings is the Partner Relations and Print Communications Manager for PAOC International Missions and gives oversight to the Missions and Kids global program as Managing Editor. She is actively involved in her home church of PORTICO in Mississauga where her husband Dwayne serves on staff as Associate Pastor.

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