Bringing Hope to the Next Generation in Honduras

Bringing Hope to the Next Generation in Honduras

4:14 - Featuring the Ruttans in Honduras


We are Dale and Carolyn Ruttan. We have been Global Workers in Honduras (Latin America) for almost six years now. We have two boys (Jacob and Benjamin) who have now transitioned to Canada and one daughter, Elisa, who is in her senior year of high school and lives with us in Honduras. We consider it a privilege to serve here and what God is doing through the ministries we are involved with.

Schools of Hope

Schools of Hope Honduras provides programs to the Buena Vista community within the city of Tegucigalpa. This is the capital city of Honduras. There are thousands of people who live on the side of a mountain and they live without proper roads, toilets to flush, or running water.

Some of the programs that we provide is sponsoring children with their school supplies (and much more!) through ERDO’s ChildCARE Plus (CCP) program - a feeding program for some of our kindergarten children and education for CCP students. CCP also provides tutoring classes for students to excel in their education. a water filter system that is installed both in schools and homes, teaching Bible classes in 15 public schools within their district, and we are just beginning to teach Bible classes in a few high schools.

ChildCARE Plus Sponsorship

Over 255 children are sponsored by ChildCARE Plus. These students have opportunities to attend school through to their high school graduation! We also provide scholarships for those wanting to continue into University.

Nutrition Program

We are excited to provide a warm nutritional drink called, Incaprina. This provides many nutrients that are needed throughout the day. We offer this to over 500 children, but also to all of our CCP families once a month. Not only do the students enjoy the benefit of the nutrients, but their whole family get fed as well!

Tutoring Program

Our Schools of Hope director, Kathy Mizen, had a desire to help the sponsorship program kids succeed in their classes. Over 100 students are getting help in their Spanish, Math, Computer and English classes. One student would not have graduated from grade 6 if it weren’t from the help of our tutoring staff.

Water Filter Program

Over this past year, we have installed 260+ bio-sand filters into the homes and schools. That is over 2,000 people that are now drinking clean water. One of our staff members told us that her community now has a sense of pride because their community drinks clean water.

Hope Camp

Every year, we take the children and youth of our sponsorship program for a couple of days of much fun! We have activities, arts and crafts, snacks, great food, and services where we focus on teaching His Word! For many, they experience camp for the first time! This has become the highlight of the year for them. Because attendance has grown, we have had to go to two different camps. We love Hope Camp!

Bible Classes

The daily joy for our family, is teaching the Bible classes in public schools. Carolyn and I teach in 6 schools. Elisa joins us when her school schedule allows for it. We teach Bible stories, do object lessons, and sing Bible songs. The children love when we show up at their school to teach His Word! Over the past two years, we have been able to hire 11 other staff members who are Honduran. We have trained them to also teach these classes. With our whole staff, we can go into 15 schools and teach to over 6,000 students His Hope for their lives! This year, we are teaching them the commandments of God. What a great opportunity we have to spread His message to these students! This year we are taking Bible classes into the high schools! Many teenagers will now have the opportunity to hear God’s Word and discover His truth!


We have a special program for grade 5 students. There are over 1000 students who receive a workbook that has the gospel message from creation to Jesus’ return. This gives the students an incredible foundation on which to build their faith. Upon graduation from this program, each student will receive their very own Bible. We have handed them out each year and the reactions are the same. They are so happy and excited to receive a Bible of their very own. Some of them have even been brought to tears. They will carry them around at recess like they are holding a treasure.

Everything that we do at Schools of Hope centres around the message of hope! We want this community to know that there is hope through salvation in Jesus and He has a future and great plans for their lives (Jeremiah 29:11). Jesus can change their lives and He can bring change to their community.

Prayer Requests:

For Elisa who will be transitioning into Canada to go to college this June. Pray as she seeks direction for housing, college choice, and OSAP funding.

For protection as we travel to and from the many schools we serve in because they are in dangerous gang-ridden areas.

For the lives of the students to be transformed by His Word!

Please join us in praying for the Ruttan family. We invite you to connect with them by email/mail and social media too. Here’s how you can stay connected:


Address: c/o Colonia Lomas de Guijjarro | Calle Hellsinki # 14 Tegucigalpa, Honduras