Reaching the Rohingya

Reaching the Rohingya

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Thank you for your support of PAOC Global Workers and projects. Your partnership empowers PAOC Global Workers and partners to reach, plant, equip and care around the world. Together, we bring hope to countless people.
I want to update you on our work in Southeast Asia. Two years ago, a major crisis developed as millions of Rohingya were forced from their homes in Myanmar. Many arrived in neighbouring countries but were turned away from official camps. Although it has faded from the news cycle, this crisis is ongoing and continues to develop.

Our response is focused on refugees living outside of official camps. So far, we have constructed 37 wells that serve over 7,400 individuals and provided health outreach, food aid, and sanitation programming. Our partner, the national church, has also trained and deployed 25 disciple making workers into these communities.

Rubi was fifteen when the soldiers first came to her village and brutalized her and her family. They fled to a neighbouring country where they had to live on the roadside. Each day, Rubi would journey a long distance alone to collect water for the family. Her body would often shake because of the trauma and fear she had experienced, and she would spill the water she had gathered.

Rubi’s life completely changed when the national church and the PAOC dug a well near her tent. That well has become a life-giving force and a natural gathering place for other refugee women. Because of the safe location of this well, women are free to come and go, and as a result, a community has developed. Healing can begin for Rubi because she no longer journeys alone, she no longer shakes from fear, and she has found strength in a community of women.

Recently, Rubi approached a female community worker from the local church, and asked, “why are you helping me?”

The worker responded, “I am a Christian, and Jesus knows you and cares for you.”

Rubi is now on a journey, under the loving care of a trained community worker, to know more about this Jesus who has helped her.

Rubi’s story didn’t end at the well, in fact, the most important chapter of her life is just beginning.

Will you provide food assistance and send workers to bring the hope of Jesus to the Rohingya?

Working for His kingdom,

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