Transforming Lives in India

Transforming Lives in India

By PAOC Global Workers P & R in India


Today I want to tell you about a small corner of your investment here in India. 
Rinky and Auditya, came into our first pilot 12 Step group, that only ran for three months. When the group finished it appeared that we had been of no help to them. They both lost their jobs, their marriage came apart and Auditya moved away from the city. Okay, that's not a good way to start any ministry for sure, but we pressed on, using our creative mentoring skills. I did personal mentoring with Rinky, plus connected her with my sister, Fern back home, so she could mentor Rinky through the night shift - Fern's day time. P mentored Auditya over the phone as best he could, since Auditya did not want help in the beginning. After five month Rinky moved up to where Auditya was and they began to work their recovery together. At that point we did long distance mentoring with them both for the next year.
We have now been mentoring them for a year and a half and are seeing the fruit of our labor. Today they are both back in Kolkata, living with us and planning to head to Bible College in June, when the new school year starts.   
We are here because all of you have invested in us, enabling us to be here. Whether it's financial, emotional or prayerfully it has all mattered. Today Rinky is mentoring five people through the 12 Steps, most of which are long distance and most of which are her family members. She is even mentoring her mom, who does not speak English, but they have figured out a way to translate the Steps into their own language to make it work, since her mom wants wellness too! Rinky has also been instrumental in bringing her sister, Pinky into the second Wellness class that I led, which in turn has brought Pinky's co-worker, Anik, to church and wellness. Today Pinky and Anik are happily married, with her leading 12 Step groups and him working through the Steps with P.


Auditya has found true freedom and has been delivered in so many ways. Today P is teaching him how to walk in wellness as a strong man of integrity, how to write sermons and how to embrace the Call God has on his life. Auditya has a gift of being able to read deeply into the Word of God and come up with the most amazingly insightful questions. Then, not just ask the question but research the Word, the commentaries and logos to find the answer. We are all learning a great deal from this young mans thirst for knowledge.

The four of us have also noted one area here in India that has been overlooked - resources for men! Almost all of the resources that come are targeted towards women and children, which is good, but there are men here who are hurting, broken and abused too! So today P and Auditya are praying and brainstorming for ways to reach the men of this city in a way that changes the whole family. A way that empowers men to be ALL that God has called them to be. Please join us in prayer for this new venture as we would like to start something in January. 
Because of your faithfulness God is changing lives here. We have only given you a small glimpse of the blessings that have come out of your commitment, so please know, there is MORE, so much MORE!