Reaching India With God's Word

Reaching India With God's Word


R and S teach and train national leaders in India, traveling to different provinces to train and develop existing pastors and believers through seminars and conferences. R and S know that people sharing the Gospel within their own villages and communities is one of the most effective ways of spreading Christianity in places where converting from other religions is dangerous. Prior to returning to India as full-time PAOC global workers, they shared some reflections that began them on their journey to go back to their homeland, fulfilling a call to 'make disciples'.


While we were living in the city of Mississauga, Ontario as new immigrants, we rented a portion of a house from an Asian family. Since we were new to the country, they helped us in many ways to settle in. They especially helped in babysitting our four-year-old, Alen, when we were away for work. Alen loved to play and go to school together with their children. After several months of staying there, we had to move to Brampton. One day we decided to visit our old friends and family back in Mississauga. Unfortunately, we had lost their contact number, so we travelled to visit them without calling ahead. When we reached their home, we rang the doorbell and a little girl named Ashmitha, who was the same age as Alen, came out and said, “Our Dad is no more; he passed away last month.” Upon hearing this, Sini could not control her emotions and began to cry. The sad reality gripped us because we stayed together for years and had never been bold enough to introduce this man and his family to God.

This awakens us to the reality of what we as followers of Christ need to do- to share the hope we have: Jesus!  In our everyday life, we come across a variety of people in our workplace, in the grocery store, or in public places, and one day we will hear the news that 'Wilfred', 'Mary', or 'Matt' is no more. Yes, it is true that one day we will have to say goodbye to this world.


It challenged us to read and learn from the true story of a famous Indian Bollywood actress whose life was transformed by reading a Bible gifted by her maid who cleans her home. In 2 Kings 5:1 there is a similar story about a servant girl of Naaman’s wife who had been taken as a captive from Israel. She feared the Lord and her strong faith was a shining example. Even though she was captive and brought among idolaters, yet she clung to her faith in the living God and boldly shared her knowledge about God with others. Her strong faith enabled her to live in a strange place without feeling homesick and never feeling any enmity towards her captors and freely sharing her knowledge—verse 5:3 reads: “if only my master would see the prophet.” Yes, it is true that the gospel is the only solution for our world. In Romans 1:16 the Apostle Paul says, “I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to Jew, then to Gentiles.”


Since returning to our homeland, the Lord has enabled us to minister in a variety of ways, through equipping and training leaders, to facilitating seminars, youth camps and the like. A recent opportunity has been to distribute bibles across various villages and communities through a ministry called ScripturetoAll.

ScripturetoAll is a ministry program which provides Bibles to those who are not able to afford them. And we pray from our whole heart that each family who receives the Word of God will read it and the power of the gospel will transform their lives and impact them for eternity.

Will you pray for us as we walk in this call?


  • For courage and boldness to share the word of God and His love with others
  • For safety and protection as we travel as a family
  • For open doors and receptive hearts to receive and hear the Word of God
  • For resources to help distribute more bibles all across the region we live and minister.