Ka Chi: The Name That Keeps on Blessing

Ka Chi: The Name That Keeps on Blessing


In 1947, two Canadian ladies left mainland China and settled in Hong Kong.  At that time, it was a centre for many people fleeing the revolution in China. Already a bustling economic hub, it became home to many poor and marginalized families.  Sadie McLeod and Blanch Pardo responded to their needs and established the famous ‘roof-top’ schools and ensured that the children of these impoverished families not only received an education but heard the good news about Jesus. Whole families were influenced and transformed by the gospel. This spiritual and educational legacy remains alive today in two significant ministries; both named Ka Chi.


 Left: Sadie McLeod and Shek Kip Mei in Hong Kong | Right: Blanch Pardo with students

The Chinese characters “Ka” and “Chi” represent the Chinese names of Sadie and Blanch, names that are not forgotten. We recently visited the exceptional Ka Chi Secondary School, led by a very energetic principal.  Seventy years since it was founded, it remains a hive of activity that provides an exceptional education to hundreds of Hong Kong children and refugees, many from Muslim nations. These new refugee families don’t have access to normal educational opportunities and so the Ka Chi legacy provides an educational lifeline, and central to the mission of the school is the gospel story.

ec-bannerc7f1576cb2cf645badfcff00009d593aThe challenge these high school graduates face is that without a college degree in highly competitive job markets, it is difficult to find meaningful employment that will provide a sustainable income. To meet this need, The PAOC has recently partnered with a local Christian initiative to establish Gratia Christian College.  Gratia focuses on serving those who don’t have access to the restrictive post-secondary system in Hong Kong. It not only provides career preparation, but spiritual formation and character development.


goal2Providentially, this College is housed in the other Sadie McLeod and Blanch Pardo legacy. The original Ka Chi school was housed in a five-story building in Kowloon. It is still known as the Ka Chi Building and houses not only a church, but also the newly established Gratia Christian College.

Seventy years later, and the spiritual grand-children of the Sadie and Blanch roof top schools are coming back home to Gratia Christian College, located in the “Ka” “Chi” building, where they are transformed by grace and empowered with education. These young men and women each need a scholarship of $1000; we would like to send 40 of them to college. We invite you to partner with us and invest in a generation of leaders. 

Together let’s together honour the legacy of Sadie and Blanch.

Working together for the future of Asia,




“Without the past, we would not have the present” (Chinese Proverb)