Reach the World with Hope!

Because of our partners, we have more than 334 global workers serving in 80 countries, reaching the vulnerable and marginalized people with the hope and transforming power of the Gospel.

One example of what reaching looks like are our global workers in Honduras. They are partnering with the local church to reach a community called Buena Vista, helping to transform and change the destiny of the families who live there.

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In 1998, Hurricane Mitch devastated Central America. This left tens of thousands displaced, and they were forced to move to the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, creating a new community. Because of the haphazard way the town developed, most homes have no clean water, and many remain without suitable housing.

Our global workers and their Honduran partners began addressing both the communal needs through water sanitation and education, and the spiritual needs by reaching them with the Gospel.

Reaching in Honduras | 2020

Buena Vista is one example of PAOC's holistic approach to sharing the gospel. Christ-centered programming that offers holistic and sustainable solutions to injustice and poverty builds thriving communities of Jesus followers around the world.

During these difficult times, our goals are to keep our global workers on the field and support our international partners so they can continue to serve the communities where they live and serve.

We are grateful to the Lord for reaching and empowering young men like Pastor Victor. His heart for the community and his vision for the future of Buena Vista is compelling. He says, “I want to share Christ with the people in different ways; with food, with clothing, with whatever I can have in my hands. The idea is to have more churches, and they can have volunteers that connect with schools to impact children.”   

Like Pastor Victor, our global workers and our international partners all recognize that God has so much more for us to do. In this journey, this mission, “you are a blessing to these communities.”  

With your support of this ministry and others like it, we can change the destiny of people by providing water, food, education, skills training, and, most importantly, the gospel.