Equip a Nation for Transformation

Queser, Mahmoud, Haroun, Naitan, Sadiq and many others are bible college students in Pakistan who are redefining what it means to be missional in a country that seems to be opposed to Christianity. 


In the face of opposition, the missional priority for the Pakistan church became “Don’t let the darkness overcome the light. The faithfulness and diligence of these church leaders is commendable. Many sacrificed a great deal, and God continues to work in Pakistan. 

a group of bible college students in Pakistan
a busy city street in Pakistan
a group attending church


A new generation of leaders are being raised that intend to ‘Be the Light.’ 


There continues to be a courageous and bold desire to reach out; to fearlessly and faithfully proclaim and practice the gospel. These young leaders are engaging and addressing the spiritual, social and physical needs of their nation. Where possible, they dialogue with those who fundamentally oppose their faith. Where dialogue is not welcome, they courageously provide a faith-filled witness.  


It is this movement, that by God’s grace, we have been invited to participate in. In the past two years we have engaged with Impact Pakistan, working closely with a group of interdenominational leaders representing ten bible colleges. We support mission work in Pakistan by providing mission training and hosting mission conferences for these students.


At our last conference, we had the great privilege of equipping over one hundred bible college students for missional impact in Pakistan. As they share what God is doing, all they ask for is prayer and more training. Pastor Rashid, a victim of the Islamabad church bombing shared the following: “What you are doing to equip our leaders is the very best thing you can do for the church in Pakistan right now.” 


Our goal next year is to equip 200 students to reach their neighbours.

The all-in-cost to train one student is just $200.

We need $40,000!

The impact of your giving is invaluable! You will be laying the foundation for these young leaders to make disciples and transform Pakistan forever!

* Please note the Pseudonyms were used for the safety of the individuals.