Four photos showcasing individuals studying to become pastors

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Around the world, the church is growing faster than at any point in its history! However, more than 95% of pastors do not have access to quality biblical training. Compounding the problem, many bible colleges have had to suspend in person training due to COVID-19.

We need to tackle this issue with a flexible online approach, so the church can multiply, and our high capacity partners can reach their God-given potential. 

Photo of METP Graduates in Nigeria


The Ministry Essentials Training Program (METP) has been developed by the GlobalEd Institute and Summit Pacific College, to address this challenge by offering a completely online training program. The METP program provides pastors with a 12-course essentials program. The modules address topics like teaching the word, leading through conflict, discipleship, and how to build strong communities and families of faith.

With your help, each graduate will be able to lead with confidence and succeed in their ministry.

METP is already available in two languages, but we need your help to make it available in Mandarin, Thai, Tamil and Hindi. This project has a total cost of $27,500 and will impact thousands of pastors where the church is growing. 

Each gift of $100 will make this program available to 250 leaders.

Today, your generous donation can connect leaders with essential training and transform their communities with the gospel.