Our Ministry Priorities

Unreached/least reached people are where less than two per cent of the population are followers of Jesus Christ. For reasons ranging from politics, geography or language barriers.

Children and youth need nurturing, education and spiritual guidance. We are reaching the next generation for Christ through schools, community outreach, and family empowerment.

The poor and marginalized make up over 700 million people live on less than one dollar a day worldwide. They are at the margins of society, with little hope of improving their life status. We work alongside them to empower them and change their circumstances.

People living in major urban centres are a focus because of the rapid increase of urbanization worldwide will result in 3 billion urbanites by 2050, the majority of which will be in Africa and Asia. Cities are prime places to spiritually reach masses of people.

People in the marketplace applies to nations where traditional ministry is limited but business flourishes and through professional relationships, people can be reached for Christ.