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In May 2018, The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada will begin celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding in 1919. Mission Global was there at the beginning, and we want to celebrate what God is doing around the world – it is amazing what God can do with a few spirit-filled Canadians!

We are inviting every PAOC church in Canada to have a mission emphasis service, where we share Christ’s call to go to the nations and invite people to consider their personal response to His invitation to go.

CELEBRATE. God has brought hundreds of thousands of people to faith through the missions movement of the PAOC. Let’s celebrate all that God is doing through Canadian churches, global workers, and international partners, by having as many global workers as possible speaking in PAOC churches on these weekends.

​SEND. Calling is central to how people are moved towards mission. Through 100 Points of Light and the prompting of the Holy Spirit, we are praying that the Lord will call 100 Canadian believers to the work of missions.

​GIVE. We are inviting our churches to take up a special offering to raise funds for the local church’s missions budget and towards a sending fund for new workers to the field. Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 across the country to send new global workers.

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100 Points of Light - FAQ

What is 100 Points of Light?
When is 100 Points of Light taking place?
How do I book a global worker to speak at my church?
How soon should I book a global worker?
How long will global workers expect to speak?
Is this event only for the adults in our congregation?
Are there financial goals for this initiative?
What should we do if we can’t host on those Sundays?
Are there resources available to advertise this event to our congregation?
What if we don’t support a global worker?
Are there best practices for hosting a global worker?
How can we help global workers with their travel expenses?
We weren’t able to book a global worker, can we still participate?