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Campaign Update: We surpassed our goal!

Today, you can be part of the transformation of a person's life! By purchasing a Bible, you will place the Word of God into the hands of someone who does not know Jesus.

Right now, 5,000 migrant workers in the Persian Gulf need to hear that Jesus loves them.

Left: photo of a man sitting with a paper. Middle: photo of bibles on a shelf. Right: photo of a man reading his bible at a desk.


Every year millions of migrant workers leave unreached areas of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal for employment in the Persian Gulf. Most face isolation, difficult working conditions, and hopelessness.

98% of these workers are not Christian. The vast majority have never had the opportunity to hear about Jesus. The underground church in the Middle East is building networks into these migrant communities; working hard to bring the gospel. To help them reach this unreached people and make disciples ... they need Bibles.

Each audio Bible costs $64 and printed versions cost $13, including all translation, production, and distribution costs.

If you donate today, your gift will immediately be doubled by The Gideons/ShareWord – up to a total of $45,000. Every Bible you send, becomes two through this partnership!

Thank you for partnering with us!