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Photo banner for the 2022 Ride to Thrive with a photo of the two of the hosts from the 2021 event in Abbotsford, BC

Your Church can Make a Difference!

Your event is an incredible opportunity for your church to gather with your community to impact the lives of children in conflict zones!

This year’s goal is to raise $300,000 to give lifesaving necessities and care to children in crisis. You will impact children in Ukraine, Yemen, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Getting Started – Host Your Ride

Ride to Thrive is an event that you can use to bring your church and community together for fun and a great cause! You can tailor the event to suit your participants, from 5 km to 100 km, for walkers, runners, bikers, or even skateboards! Your church can make a difference!

1. Let us know you plan to host.

Our team is here to help you via email! We also are keeping a list of participating churches for riders that are looking for an event to join.

2. Assemble your team.

Having a team of volunteers is essential. Are there people in your community that are passionate about physical activity or who have expressed concern about conflicts around the world? Let’s get them mobilized!

3. Plan your event with the ‘Host Toolkit.’

Everything you need to know to host a successful event can be found in this toolkit.

Tools to Host Your Ride

Note that these resources are hosted on OneDrive.

  • Church and Host Toolkit – Do you have questions about the 2022 Ride to Thrive or are you wanting to know more about participating in an event this summer? This toolkit is designed to help fill in those gaps!

  • Promotional Recap Video –  Is this your first-time hearing about the Ride to Thrive? For three years, people have joined together with their communities to host long distance biking events to raise funds for global needs. Watch this video featuring Canadian and International riders and be sure to share it with your network!

  • Service Slides – one easy way to promote the event this year is by including a slide or two in your announcement slides, social media and any platform you use to keep your congregation up to date on your church's event!

  • Set up a Facebook Fundraiser – Do you want to set up your own Facebook fundraiser but don't know how? Follow these easy steps to host your own fundraiser today!

  • Access Media Resources

Give to the Ride

Does your church have riders participating? Set a goal for your church community and take up an offering at a service or through your social media fundraise. You can also promote individual participants if you are unable to host.

Promote the Ride

Your church has a plan, make sure you get the word out! We have resources for your church on social media, in person services, and to hand out. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on the ride and new content.