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Missions and Kids is the missions education program for children of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC).

Missions and Kids exists to help local churches, pastors and parents develop a missionally-minded generation of children who see their world through Jesus’ eyes by…

  • Inspiring kids in Canada to do all they can to help spread the Good News of Jesus to people who do not yet know Him.
  • Connecting Canadian children with missionary children and their families around the world.
  • Educating children about the world around them and about those who still need to hear the message of God’s love.
  • Assisting Global Worker (missionary) families financially so their children can receive quality education on the field.
  • Supporting mission’s projects that care for children around the world.
  • Praying for current and very real needs in the world today.


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 Missions and Kids is where Canadian kids can learn...


  • To see the world through God’s eyes and understand His heart for lost people
  • Cultural differences and missionary life as they connect with missionary kids and families around the globe
  • How God is at work around the world and how they can take part
  • To gather together around global projects real life stories of heroes of the faith who accomplish great things for God
  • To combine their financial resources to make a bigger difference
  • To pray with faith for the needs of others before thinking of themselves
  • That their own nation of Canada is also a mission field that needs to be reached that kids can be missionaries right where God has planted them
  • To discover their own gifting and God’s calling for their personal lives


Missions and Kids Provides...


A quarterly missions resource for local churches, home schoolers and family time. It is filled with missionary experiences, Heroes of the Faith stories and projects around the world where kids can help kids. It challenges this generation to be missional in their daily living and to get to know and support PAOC Global Worker families.


As Those Who Influence the Next Generation...


We can help today’s children develop an understanding that life on this earth is not all about them. We have the opportunity to educate and release kids to care for their world…BECAUSE THEY CAN!


Together We...


Assist Global Worker parents with funding to ensure that their children receive quality schooling on the field. We rally around projects to help children in need. We build homes in villages, provide mosquito nets to kids at risk and supply shoes to shoeless children living on the streets. We provide meals, supply resources in restricted access areas and much more. TOGETHER...WE CAN!

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How To Get Started


Join the Missions and Kids team that is linking arms across Canada to make a Kingdom difference in our world...

  1. Order a Missions And Kids quarterly missions resource.
  2. Pass on relevant stories of missions work, global worker families and heroes of the faith who have changed their world.
  3. Inspire the next generation to do great things for God.
  4. Help children experience the power of prayer, as they ask God to specifically meet the needs of other kids and missionaries around the world.
  5. Challenge kids to give to a mission’s project focused on other children.
  6. Create excitement organize a kids’ offering challenge with another church or an entire district.
  7. Host a mission’s camp or a kids’ track at your church’s mission’s conference.
  8. Be intentional in teaching kids to care for others first.
  9. Coach kids to share the message of God’s love right where they are planted.