1. Do you know if your mother or father went to college or university? If yes, which school did they go to?

2. What would you like to be when you are old enough to be in the working world full-time?

3. If you do not yet know what you want to do, what are some things you are interested in:

  • Electronics?
  • Medical work, being a nurse or a doctor?
  • Teaching others?
  • Driving vehicles?
  • Flying or working on a plane?
  • Leading people in a community or company?
  • Fashion or selling clothing in the retail world?
  • Art (painting, drawing, sculpting, design)?
  • Music (voice or instrumental, solo or a band)?
  • Pastoring a church?
  • Guiding others in their faith and teaching them how to follow Jesus?
  • Author (writing, journaling)?
  • Putting things together and making them work (factory line worker)?
  • Construction or builder?
  • Serving people?
  • Technology (building websites, creating computer programs)?
  • Gathering people together and engaging them in dialogue (social media)?
  • Selling things (good with talking to people, working with money)?
  • Banking (love working with numbers)?
  • Other ideas?

4. Why do you think that career would be a wise choice for you?

5. Name a college or university that you have heard of.

6. Can you guess what the largest university is in Canada? (Answer: University of Toronto)

7. Guess how many students it has on its three campuses? (Answer: 84,556 students)

8. How many of those students do you think are international students, who come from other countries to study in Toronto, Canada? (Answer: 14,409)

9. How many universities are in the Province of Manitoba? (Answer: 6)

10. What is the oldest university in Canada, and what year did it begin? (Answer:  Laval University, which was established in 1663.)

11. What are some reasons why a student from another country would want to come and study in Canada?

12. What happens every Monday evening on the campus of Humber College North in Toronto? (Mission Canada Worker, Trevor Gingerich, has a church service for students. His ministry on campus is called “The Embassy”. Approximately 100 students gather every Monday evening for worship and to hear from God’s Word!

13. Who is the coordinator for Campus Mission Canada for The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada? (Dr. Robb Powell)

14. Why does The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and Mission Canada (its national mission agency) place such a strong priority on Campus Ministries in Canada?

(Answers may vary. Because every campus is filled with thousands of students who need to hear of God’s love and know that they can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ).

For more information on Campus ministry, click here.

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