Archival Resources

PAOC Archives Online Finding Aid

The Archives Association of Ontario has created a website called ARCHEION where you can browse the finding aids of dozens of Ontario Archives, including our own.

Archival finding aids are divided into groups called “fonds” in archives terminology. Our Archives has 81 such groups of records. Each fonds represents a distinct record-producing unit in the Fellowship such as a District, a Bible College, a national office function (e.g., General Superintendent), a local church and even some prominent individuals for whom we have a significant quantity of records. The finding aids provide an administrative history of the record-producing body and a scope and content note describing the types of records on file for that fonds. The Administrative History entries constitute the most complete, up-to-date and authoritative summary of all the functional units of the PAOC ever created.

To view the finding aid, go to:

To display links to all of the fonds in our collection, click on “Browse 81 holdings” at the bottom of the column on the left. To search for a specific person or function, click on the Archeion logo on the top left then choose a “Browse by” category and enter your search name of word(s)then click on the search icon (magnifying glass ) at the left of the search bar.

The project was made possible with financial assistance from the Federal Government through Canadian Heritage and the Canadian Council of Archives.

Other Archives
  1. The Canadian Council of Archives proves the Archives Canada website, a gateway to archival resources found in over 800 repositories across Canada:
  2. Library and Archives Canada maintains a website at
  3. Materials on American Pentecostalism can be found at the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center  site maintained by our sister organization in the USA, the Assemblies of God at  

General Archival Resources

The resources listed here, most of which are intended specifically for volunteer archivists, are intended to be of assistance to those involved in the difficult and important task of preserving their congregation's history.

  1. ­How to Write a Local Church History by C. Roy Fortune. This excellent paper by a PAOC layperson who is a trained historian provides helpful information on how to capture the story of your own church. Click here to download.
  2. This site published by the Billy Graham Center Archives provides "Sources Of Help And Advice For Your Church Or Synagogue Archives."
  3. For information on archives in general, visit the tutorial on the Trent University Archives website at
  4. A wealth of archival sites can be accessed through the Archives Canada website links page:
  5. The Canadian Conservation Institute provides a wealth of detailed information on preserving museum and archival collections and materials.
  6. The Genealogy and Family History page of the Library and Archives Canada website is an online centre that provides access to all the genealogical resources of Canada held by this government department as well as help on how to start tracing your family tree.