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ONE EXTRA-ORDINARY FLIGHTTwo women, a plane ride, and a life-changing story

When Maureen Scraba found herself seated in the middle of the back row on a four-hour flight from Toronto to Edmonton, she did what she ordinarily does. She started up a conversation with her seatmate and ended up sharing her faith. Six years later she learned the extraordinary outcome of that conversation. Read more.


INTO THE GREAT UNORDINARYDiscovering the life God made us to live

Susan Harris loved the simple joys of country living. From her kitchen window she could watch the steady rhythms of the seasons being played out on the trees that edged their rural property. Ordinary was where she’d settled in—until the spring the caterpillars came. [Full content available to subscribers.]


SUPPORTING THE CHURCHA low-cost partnership for high-quality community outreach events

Eric Spath has a heart for local churches and their mission to their communities. He also has a ton of experience in organizing and promoting major events. When you put those two things together you have, in the words of one pastor, “an easy win.” Three PAOC pastors share their experience of partnering with Fun and Faith. [Full content available to subscribers.]

A PASSION FOR HIS RETURNRevisiting a cornerstone of Pentecostal theology

When is the last time you heard a sermon on the soon return of Jesus Christ? A conviction that Christ is returning soon has been an integral part of the faith and practice of the PAOC from its very beginning. Adrian Isaacs believes there are some very good reasons to maintain that sense of expectancy and to passionately anticipate the return of Jesus Christ. Read more.


“I CAN USE THAT”Giving God a chance to show off His power

There was a day when Vahen King thought she was the luckiest girl in the world. It was the day right before her world started to fall apart. When she finally hit bottom, she turned in the only direction that was left. That’s when she heard God say something that changed her life for good. [Full content available to subscribers.]


ONCE UPON A TIMELooking beyond the fairy tale to the greatest story ever written

Have you noticed the number of movies and television shows these days that are based on fairy tales? Ron Powell has, and it got him thinking. Here are his thoughts on why some stories never get old, and why he believes this fairy-tale phenomenon provides an opportunity to share the greatest story ever written. [Full content available to subscribers.]


Our Stories

Hear from ​Nelson (and Lisa) Monteiro who, with their three children, have been serving as PAOC global workers in Latin American ​since 2004, as they discuss the joy of ministry, seeing individual lives transformed, and about upcoming new frontiers they look forward to. Read more.

​ERDO: FOOD FOR ALL—Serving the Hungry in Jesus' Name
No parent or grandparent can dig gardens, carry children or walk long distances without food and water. No child can do well in school with a chronically empty stomach. Learn from Carol Froom, ERDO's director of resource development, how a new ​campaign is fighting malnutrition, increasing learning abilities, and promoting increased nutrition for children. Read more.

​MISSION CANADA: CANADA ... THE NEXT 150—Making Newcomers Feel Welcome in Their New Home

Charles Hermelink, lead pastor at Danforth Community Church in East Toronto, Ontario, and the Cultural Language Group co-ordinator for Mission Canada, explores God's involvement in bringing people to this country for the past 150 years and what His purpose and plan may be in doing that for the next 150 years. Read more.

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