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PAOC Prayer is a weekly communication of prayer requests that may include PAOC global workers, Mission Canada workers, district or constituency prayer needs, and current Canadian or international news events and related needs. It is sent weekly from The PAOC International Office in Mississauga, Ont. To download a PDF ​version of PAOC Prayer, please click here.


Week of SEPTEMBER 11, 2017

*The name of your weekly prayer update has been changed from “Missions Hotline” to “PAOC Prayer” to better differentiate between the weekly prayer emails generated by International Missions (found here) and the general PAOC weekly update. The PAOC Prayer update will continue to include PAOC-related, Canadian and additional prayer needs, including at least one entry for each of our workers in Canada or internationally. If you have received this communication as a forwarded message and want to sign up for weekly prayer updates, click here.



Millions have been impacted by Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean and the United States. At least 45 people have died as a result of the storm, including at least 10 in the continental United States. Some islands have been completely decimated, with limited access to water, food, and appropriate shelter. Pray for God to limit further loss of life, and that He will provide for those who need immediate assistance. Pray that He will encourage and strengthen those mourning the loss of loved ones and those facing devastation to their communities and livelihoods. Pray that clean-up efforts will be effective and timely, and that resources will be available for people to rebuild. Pray also that many people will have opportunities to hear and receive the gospel.



An 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico last week and claimed 90 lives. Hundreds of buildings collapsed or were damaged, and power was cut to more than 1.8 million people. The area has experienced 800 aftershocks since the initial earthquake. Pray that God will comfort all of the people affected, and that He will provide for everyone’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Pray that aid supplies will get to where they are needed most and that God will guide the rescue teams as they respond to this crisis. Pray also for opportunities for the gospel to spread, so that many people will find comfort and hope in Christ.


Ashley Drayton


Ashley has been appointed to serve at Rosslyn Academy as the middle school and high school chaplain, and to teach Christian Religious Education classes. Rosslyn Academy is an International Christian school that inspires and equips each student to develop their God-given gifts for Christ-like service in the world community. With over 50 different nationalities represented at Rosslyn, Ashley’s goal is to pour into the students’ lives and help develop disciples who are passionate followers of Christ. Pray that God will bless and guide Ashley with many opportunities to minister throughout Kenya. Pray also that God will physically, emotionally and spiritually strengthen Ashley as she serves and reaches out to others.

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