Dear friends,

As the PAOC family, we are aware of the great needs that are arising as a result of the devastating wildfires taking place in British Columbia in the last few weeks. We are working to help provide for the needs of those who have had to flee their homes to find protection and shelter elsewhere. In some areas, people have just been given permission to return to their communities and homes. Some are finding that their homes are charred or destroyed. For others, their homes may still be standing, but they are challenged in caring for the basic necessities of life. Work and pay has been affected. Fridges and freezers have not been working, and food has spoiled. As the church, we have a tangible opportunity now to show care and compassion.

We are thankful for the work of ERDO in not only providing relief response work around the globe, but also right here at home in Canada in this particular situation. ERDO has been in connection with our BC & Yukon District and with various churches in the key areas surrounding the wildfires. As the PAOC family, your personal or church-based donation to this urgent cause allows us to step in and bless those in need with grocery gift cards to help them get their homes and lives back in order.

To donate, visit ERDO’s website and respond as you are able by clicking here:

Together, we can be a blessing to those in need in our nation.

David Wells

General Superintendent, PAOC

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