The Leader and the Church’s Life of Spiritual Intimacy and Spirit-Empowerment

We are anticipating the realization of our vision to, by 2020, reach 1% of Canadians, be a Fellowship of 350,000 Christ-followers, and increase our impact globally. This book addresses a key component
of those goals.​

The reason God sent His Son was to restore His creation to its original perfection and to redeem humankind from the degradation of sin. Jesus came and dwelt among us. He died for us and He rose again according to the purpose of God as the supreme act of love.

If that was God’s supreme purpose and grand master plan, should we not also make that our primary purpose in this world? God’s purpose must be our purpose. So we need always ask if our words, our actions, our judgments and our decisions reflect God’s purpose and help bring His redeeming love and power to bear on those in our care and in our communities. We are to follow Christ’s example and lay down our lives, our opinions, our principles and our judgments at the cross.

Themes in Higher Principle Living: A Call To Redemptive Leadership

  • A Call To Redemptive Leadership
  • The Principle of Redemptive Love: Love Limits Liberty
  • Embracing Self-Denial: A Look at the Issues of the Church in Corinth
  • The Principle of Unity in Diversity: I Believe in the Church!
  • The Principle of Equality: Equal is as Equal Does
  • The Principle of Integrity: Live What You Preach
  • The Principle of Justice: Prioritizing Love for the Least
  • The Principle of Eternity: A Soul Is A Soul Is A Soul
  • The Greatest Attribute


This book has been intentionally developed for the leaders in our Fellowship

so that in our 2020 Initiative conversations across the country,

we can directly engage characteristics of leadership that we feel

are essential for the type of leaders and churches we envision.

Together, let’s engage with heart and mind the insights our friends share

with us in this book and allow the Holy Spirit to shape us more

into the Christ-following leaders He desires us to be.

—Dave Wells


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