NNNetwork Edmonton

The NNNetwork is expanding into the greater Edmonton area to reach new immigrants to Canada, refugees, and those of specific cultural backgrounds. Our worker to this urban centre brings over 17 years of experience in campus ministry, church planting and pastoral work. Using both pragmatic and Spirit -led means, this Mission Canada worker daily engages with individuals who are without Christ. They are also partnering with local churches to equip them to minister the love of Christ to those who need to know Him.

Canada is one of the most welcoming nations for immigrants in the world today. Of all immigrants, Muslims represent the largest group, and continues to grow in size. The Islamic community in Edmonton is presently upward of 7%, and is estimated to grow to 30-40% by 2030. Edmonton is diverse in its culture. People in this city need to know and experience Christ.

There is a fresh wind of the Spirit blowing in this part of the nation, and we must be there--building authentic relationships, meeting felt needs and living out kingdom principles, as we lead people to a place of faith in Jesus Christ.