Priority One 2016- 2017

Now sending our
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Mission Canada




  • Because you value being personally involved in mission and humanitarian work here at home and abroad.

Your support will go a long way to help. By giving through the PAOC, you can be assured that your financial gift is used in a way that produces real fruit.

  • Because you want to partner with someone who is able to impact another life for eternity—somewhere in the world.


We are pleased to introduce you to people like you who are responding to the Holy Spirit’s calling on their lives. We invite you to personally join a new global worker with your active support in prayer, involvement and financial giving.

As an international missions sending agency, The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada sends people to places around the globe where we know we must be present—to care, to plant, to reach out and to equip. Our mission is to collaborate with the mission of God—to partner with Him in all He is doing in His great purpose for the whole of creation and its redemption.

Mission Canada, our national mission agency, has now placed 12 workers across our nation in areas where we have identified “gaps”—places where we must be present and sharing the gospel. These areas of priority include being on our post-secondary campuses, in our urban centres, in Quebec and Francophone Canada, and among our next generation of children and youth, our cultural language groups and our Aboriginal people.

Here's who we are sending overseas and in our own backyard:                                      

 Jamie and Misty Duggan     Andrew and Nicole Stockley
 Cathy Dickson  L., RAN Worker
 Dave and Julie Wood  L., RAN Worker
 Bill and Shirley Pipke  M. & E., RAN Workers   
 Kelvin and Laura Chan  S., RAN Worker
 Andrew Bailey  T. & J., RAN Workers
 Jeff and Terri Mazik  JP Gopalan
 Hope ​4 SEA  Connie Jakab 
 Paul and Ruth  Keith Matthias
 Zach and Megan  Neighbours & Newcomers Network, GTA 
 Reni and Sini  Katrina Paruch
 Cory Gilmour  Jeff Snow
 Matthew and Amber Price   


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Thank you for partnership in praying and supporting these new workers!