MAK Mosquito Nets

Missions And Kids is about saving the lives of children around the globe. Did you know that every 30 seconds a child dies because of a mosquito or insect bite. Usually these children live in warm places like Africa, Asia or Latin and South America. Some insects and mosquitos in these areas pass on diseases when they bite. The number of children dying every day from these diseases is really tragic. Even more tragic is the fact that many of the children CAN BE SAVED through the use of a simple mosquito net that hangs from the ceiling and covers them while they sleep.

This is an ongoing project where Missions And Kids can assist ERDO to provide nets in emergency situations like floods and tsunamis or in settings where children are at risk.

$10 = one quality treated mosquito net which can save a child’s life

To download the MAK Mosquito Net Project Poster, click here