Lance Neubauer

Mission Canada campus worker 

Ministry Location: Red River College 

Ministry Focus: Campus Ministry

Lance is responding to the call of God on his life and is engaging post-secondary students at Red River College in Winnipeg. His desire to follow the Lord's leading to impact a secular culture is what both excited and challenges him in his day to day work. "Campus ministry runs deep in my heart and I love being among students."

Red River College is home to an influx of international students who come ready to not only study, but to absorb our unique Canadian culture. With Lance being a presence on campus, new international students have the opportunity to engage  him as a Christian campus worker -- possibly the first Christian many of them will meet. Lance works hard to ensure that their first encounter with a Christ-follower is a good one. He loves putting a Bible in their hands, knowing that it can bring life-change. Hearing Lance's personal story of his encounter with Christ and how God dramatically drew him back and changed his heart and purpose for living is one that God is using to reach students. He knows first-hand what it means to be restored, redeemed and ready in order to fulfill God's purpose.