Bridging China and Africa

Bridging China and Africa (BCA) is a partnership between churches in Canada, Africa & China. BCA is building a bridge with the over one million Chinese (100,000 in targeted country) who live and work on the Continent of Africa and do not have the Gospel in their own language.

Goal:  Development of a Cultural Center/Tea Room, called "The Bridge”

The cultural center/tea room will be used to build bridges with the Chinese who have moved from their homeland and feel isolated, lonely and fearful in Africa

  • ESL (English as a second language) will be among the tools used to build that bridge    

  • The goal is to see the Chinese, who come to Christ in Africa, become functioning believers wherever they live    


BCA’s first global worker family from China

  • In 2015, our first BCA global worker family moved from China to African soil

  • Already a good number of Chinese are involved in small group studies of the Book of John    


 Purchase of BCA Property

  •  A property is being purchased in Africa that will house our first “Bridge Cultural Centre”/Tea Room, a school for Chinese children, a training centre for future BCA workers, and a home for our BCA global worker family

  • You can join the growing number of people who are investing in this property by clicking the donate button and mark “Purchase of Property” on your donation    


 Prayer Requests:

  •  Pray for Divine favour and protection for our BCA global worker family

  • Pray for those who have already come to know Christ, and those who will, through a study in the Book of John    

  • Pray with us that the cultural center/tea room will become a model, used across Africa, to reach the Chinese living and working on the continent