MAK Light in Film Project



Film and media have a huge impact on today’s culture, and especially on a younger generation who is growing up in a media-saturated world. It affects what we watch, how we think and how we tend to view things. The film industry is highly influential. Yet, behind the scenes those working in this industry often struggle personally (drug addictions, alcoholism, abuse, broken marriages, and 18 hour work days).  We must be light in dark and desperate places in our nation.   

Mission Canada is committed to impacting those who work in the film and entertainment industry as we seek to build relationships with actors, producers, directors, models, people who find themselves in front of cameras, on the sidelines or behind the scenes on movie sets. Light in Film brings the light and love of Christ into everyday conversations with those who feel alone, who are facing life challenges or need help or hope for living.  This work has already begun in Vancouver, Canada through Mission Canada worker, Jamie Rauch. As someone who has been an actor, director, producer and writer, Jamie knows the challenges others face and brings a message of hope found only in Jesus to those who are searching for more in life.

It is our desire to build a team of like-minded people across Canada who are excited to see change in this large and influential industry. You can help bring the light of Jesus to those who are part of influencing today’s culture.