Kathy Bousquet

Location: Canada formerly Eurasia

Ministry Focus: Kathy Bousquet  serves on the Missions/Outreach Council at Global Kingdom Ministries in Scarborough, Ontario. Having recently been appointed as a PAOC volunteer in mission, with the sub-head of missionary care, Kathy's ministry brings on-site mediation, intercession, reconciliation and healing in the often difficult circumstances PAOC global workers face.

Ministry History: Kathy ministered in Romania from 1997-2005. Now residing in Toronto, Canada, her passion for missions continues. In April 2013, she spent a profitable month of such ministry in Romania, alongside Dan and Mardell MacTavish. The month of October 2013 was spent in East Africa, ministering encouragement, healing and refreshing to our global workers there. Kathy is grateful--even in "retirement"--to be a vessel for the Holy Spirit to use in ministry to PAOC global workers.