Jerry Berenguer

Location: Philippines, Southeast Asia

Ministry focus: Jerry wants to win the lost and raise them up as mature sons and daughters who will accurately reflect the heart of God and reproduce themselves as leaders capable of training others to expand the kingdom of God.  Strategy Champion Life Centre, in partnership with Jerry Berenguer Ministries Inc. and The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), will plant a resource church that will train leaders to establish churches across the Philippines. Missionaries will be raised up to be sent to the neighbouring Southeast Asian nations. The Centre will also mobilize future immigrants to Canada and elsewhere and equip them to help plant churches where they will settle.

Ministry history: After 20 years of planting churches in Canada and Africa and doing short-term missions in Asia, Jerry Berenguer felt a call of God to plant a church in his birth nation – the Philippines. While still serving as the founding lead pastor of Champion Life Centre, Jerry partnered with the International Missions department of PAOC to plant a church in the heart of the capital city of the Philippines with a vision to ignite a church planting movement that will impact the nation.