Evelyne Supple


Ministry Location:  Quebec

Ministry Focus:  Francophone Canadians (Children and Youth)

In May 2016, Evelyne answered the call of God on her life to minister to the population of her home province of Quebec, and joined Mission Canada as a full-time worker positioned at Viva-Cité. 

Viva-Cité is about reaching and influencing the next generation of children.  It creates the opportunity for the church of Quebec to open its doors and build a bridge to its community. The goal is for the church to become the centre of community life.

By offering ESL immersion through summer camps, Viva-Cité also gives Anglophone churches across Canada and the United States the opportunity to join Evangelical Quebecers on their mission to transform and reshape the spiritual landscape in Quebec.

ESL immersion camps are available for children ages 7 to17, and were conceived to initiate contact with entire families within the Francophone community.  Since its official inception in 2013, Viva-Cité has accumulated a multitude of positive testimonies, and is proud to have Evelyne lead them ​into this new and exciting chapter.