Deborah Sirjoosingh

Ministry Location: Kenya

Ministry Focus: Deborah is called to serve Jesus in North West Kenya among the Turkana people in Loima location. Her vision is, in partnership with the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Kenya (PAG-K), to continue to reach the unreached communities on Loima Hills with the Gospel, plant churches and disciple new believers. Each individual and community will have access to compassionate care with HOPE in Jesus for the future. Also, engage in dialogue for healthy partnership between PAOC, PAG-K, and Christ is the Answer Ministries Kenya (CITAM).

This will enable Kenyans to mentor each other by facilitating educational training from early childhood to university level, provide medical and food aid, drill boreholes for potable water supply, agricultural activities and community development. These activities are in her focus for future sustainability for God’s glory. Deborah ministers in partnership with Turkana County PAG church and Ministry of Health, to provide, promote and improve the standard and quality of health care services in Loima. This holistic and efficient care will be attained by the upgrade and extension of Namoruputh PAG Dispensary.

In addition to the existing maternity unit which facilitates Reproductive Health, mother, neonatal, child and nutrition care, the Namoruputh PAG Health Centre will provide services for approximately 50,000 people in LOIMA. This will include in-patient wards for men, women and children. It will also include a large out-patient department, with a minor surgical unit and triage area, an administrative building, with offices, a conference room, a nursing office and other auxiliary buildings. In this remote, arid area where life is harsh and basic commodities are non-existent or scarce, the expansion of the facility will continue to be a beacon of HOPE and HEALING in Jesus.

Prayer Requests:

  • In this remote area, God will CALL young Kenyans to serve on the Loima Hills with the Gospel. 
  • Christian dedicated professional workers to minister in the Health Centre. 
  • Wisdom and direction as we desire to engage in a partner with the two Kenyan churches and Kenya Ministry of Health.
  • Provision for hydro or / and solar powered lighting systems for the health centre in patient extensions.