4-14: Hope for the Next Generation

Research identifies that those between the ages of 4 and 14 are most open to the gospel. 


Nearly 85% of people who make a decision for Christ do so between the ages
of 4 and 14. (Barna Group)


Impacting this generation for Christ does not happen without vision, strategy and intentionality. 


As a Fellowship, we strongly advocate for the NEXT GENERATION and YOUTH. We desire to see them come to faith. 

Integrated approaches that span developmental stages and cultural groups are necessary. Equipping and mentoring leaders, workers and parents is a must. Passing on stories intergenerationally of what God has done and is doing is critical to life transformation – the Word instructs us to do so. This generation needs those who will live out and lead them in the ways of Christ.  

The mission of International Missions and Mission Canada is directly linked to the PRIORITY of reaching children.

Many PAOC global workers minister to children and partner with ERDO and the ChildCARE Plus sponsorship program to help minister holistically with food, assistance and the message of hope.

Nationally, we need workers who will reach into unique parts of our country to creatively share the good news of Jesus. As we partner with the ministries of our districts and churches, parents and leaders, we are praying for a harvest of many to come to faith in Christ. Together, we can impact the spiritual well-being of the children in our nation. 

Each April we join in a collective world focus and call to prayer, awareness and strategic initiatives in how to effectively reach children and youth with the message of hope.

We invite you to join each and every day as we journey though prayer for the provinces in our nation and countries world wide. 

Pray for the children and youth in this window that touch your life and this age group that is becoming the majority population of the world.

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