Where do your donations go?

In short, your contributions help advance the kingdom of God and allow us to feed thousands in need each month. Specifically, your donations will go towards helping provide Keith with a modest salary so he can continue to be on location in Scarborough reaching the thousands of people who go without hot and healthy meals each week. With more support, Keith and the team, will be able to meet other practical needs like providing basic skills training for youth and young adults through our junior chef training program. They will also be able to go beyond managing the daily needs and expenses to keep this ministry going, and can focus more on meeting the spiritual needs of clients. Since Fall 2013, Keith has worked as a full-time volunteer, receiving small monthly honorariums from the donations the soup kitchen receives. Though the finances often have not lined up, he and his wife, and their three children, are dedicated to the call to this ministry and appreciate your support in helping Keith continue in it. Mission Canada would like to see Keith released as a fully-funded missional worker in the city of Toronto.  Your donation can help us make this a reality.